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Vogue Singapore. Photography Corentin Leroux. Styling Xander Ang
Jujubee, Paper Magazine, Photography Kyle Galvin. Styling Craig Hemming
Anne Hathaway. Vogue Hong Kong.Photography Daniel Jackson. Styling Dena Neustadter Giannini.
Bree Runway. Styling Anna Trevelyan
Paula Rowan’s bold and sumptuous gloves are fast becoming a global icon, worn by fashion trailblazers from Lady Gaga to Duckie Thot, Jujubee to Julianne Moore. From her earliest collections to the present day, each and every glove is designed by Rowan herself and made entirely by hand in Naples, the centuries-long capital of fine glove-making.



Every pair.

Every stitch.

With love,

by hand.

Since her first annual collection dropped 15 years ago, Paula Rowan has conceived and designed each and every glove in her Dublin studio. Her creative method is a patient synthesis: of an artist’s playful processing of inspiration, on the one hand, and a leatherworker’s expert eye for what materials are capable of, on the other. Each year her collection spans from subtle variations on classic forms to wildly imaginative couture conceptions. She is proud of both, and works with a variety of specialist ateliers in Naples to bring her different forms to life.
Handmade in Italy
Southern Italy – Naples in particular – has long been the global capital of traditional glove making, and the craft is as vibrant in the city today as it has ever been. Over the years, Paula has developed close relationships with five of the finest leather-working houses, to realise her designs in hand-dyed, hand-stretched, hand-stitched glove leathers. These supplest of leathers are infamously difficult to work with, but result in a glove which over time conforms to the unique shape of the wearer’s hand. (“Fits like a glove” is a hard-earned truism.) Finally, trims are selected and added: from buttons and studs to silks, cashmeres and furs. All of Paula’s materials are ethically sourced and Furmark® certified.

Vogue US. Photography Malick Bodi. Styling Ib Kamara
Rita Ora. Vogue Arabia. Photography Jeremy Choh. Styling Fleur Egan
Wall Street Journal Magazine. Photography Bibi Cornejo Borthwick. Styling Kate Phelan
Linda Evangelista British Vogue. Photography Steven Meisel. Styling Edward Enninful,
Kelsey Lu. Photography Tim Walker. Styling Sara moonves
Worn by the world
From Lady Gaga to Duckie Thot and Jujubee to Julianne Moore, Rowan has dressed some of the most expressive and celebrated hands of the 21st century. She’s regularly featured by stylists from Ib Kamara to Katy England and photographers from Paolo Roversi to Mert & Marcus. Her work has appeared in an A to Z of fashion publications, and in numerous shows and films, most recently House of Gucci.
Lady Gaga
Kendall Jenner
Duckie Thot
Ariana Grande
Naomi Campbell

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